Paintings by Tany (suite)

14 02 2012

Following a previous post regarding the works of Parisian artist Tany, here are some fresh new works made in 2012.
If you would be so kind and help him by answering his survey, it’s 5 questions, not even a minute to fill in. Thanks in advance.

Tits lover by Tany, 2012

YF2 by Tany, 2012

YF2 by Tany, 2012

More works by Tany @ (art x works)


Wayne White Art

2 02 2012

“The official trailer for Beauty Is Embarrassing — the funny, irreverent, joyful and inspiring documentary featuring the life and current times of one of America’s most important artists, Wayne White.”

“Do what you love, it’s gonna lead to where you want to go.”

Oh Expletive: Zombies, Unicorns and 8-bit Creatures!

20 01 2012


Oh Expletive is a project of epic epicness. It is a series of illustrations about ass kicking and mayhem — from zombies to unicorns to knife fights to flame throwers — the series consists of some of the most awesome things life has to offer.

See the project on Kickstarter here: (It’s been funded already, about 7 times what they need…)

P.S. The music used in the video is from the soundtrack to the movie Rubber.

Pierre-Alex Paintings

19 01 2012

I recently came across a talented French painter. I paints figurative figures, in a painting around forms to create figures inside the voids. It’s quite impressive and powerful. There are some very fine details you can’t see unless you get very close to the works.
His paintings are usually mixed media on wood panels. Originally he used to just draw on paper but his works have increased in size and that’s all for the better.
Based in South-Est France, he travels a lot, hence the “exotic” subjects he depicts.

Pierre-Alex. - Croco - Mixte sur bois - 2011

Pierre-Alex. - Croco - Mixte sur bois - 2011

The chalk writer

17 01 2012

I stumbled upon very inspiring videos by Dana Tanamachi. She draws impressive old fashion advertising posters with chalk on blackboards; using very sexy letter fonts.
Most people will look at an image on internet for 30sec or less and thinking at best, “that’s really impressive”, without any consideration or knowledge of the time and effort this could have taken. This video show the complexity of performance required to attain such a good result. (She’s only using a ruler!)

Handmade series

14 01 2012

Here is another good looking video on a business based on handmade / manufactured items. The goods really look sharp and you almost want to touch them to see how they feel. There are some definitely well though objects in there, and the building the company is based in is quite sexy too.
As Brian Faherty mentions it in the video, it’s well executed craftsmanship that ensures high quality products, both in terms of design and of lasting. It also brings this extra authenticity to the resulting products.

Andrew Young – mixedmedia figurative painter

12 01 2012

I had already seen works by Andrew Young through some videos of exhibition. On his blog, there’sa lot of “behind the scenes” of his painting so you can see how he works and the different evolutions of his paintings.
I really like the newest paintings, very lively and also much bigger format. Paintings are always more powerful when they’re 3m high…

Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Andrew Young blog/portfolio